About company

We started activities in 2010! Why from outbound tourism? Simply: there is a demand – there is no offer! Why added inbound tourism? Simply: gained experience – wanted to do more! Why with us? Simply:

  •  The best prices
  •  Individual approach
  •  Reliable partners
  •  Monitoring tours from start to finish
  •  Loyalty programs
  •  24/7 availability

What about outbound tourism?

  •  Individual and group tours to the most popular destinations.
  •  Promoting new destinations
  •  Airticketing worldwide
  •  Visa support (China, UAE, Shengen agreement countries)
  •  Translations

And what about inbound tourism?

  •  Cultural-historical
  •  Adventurе tourism
  •  Vine and culinary
  •  Eco-tourism
  •  «Socializing»
  •  MICE
  •  Honeymoon

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